• Install pycro-manager using pip install pycromanager

  • Download newest version of micro-manager 2.0

  • Open Micro-Manager, select tools-options, and check the box that says Run server on port 4827 (you only need to do this once)

Verify that installation worked

Run the following code:

from pycromanager import Core

core = Core()

which will give an output like:

<pycromanager.core.mmcorej_CMMCore object at 0x7fe32824a208>


Upon creating the Bridge, you may see an error with something like:

UserWarning: Version mistmatch between Java ZMQ server and Python client.
Java ZMQ server version: 2.4.0
Python client expected version: 2.5.0

In this case case your Micro-manager version Pycro-manager versions are out of sync. The best fix is to down the latest versions of both. Uprgade to the latest Pycro-manager with: pip install pycromanager --upgrade